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  This stylish little guy's first gen has been bobbing and weaving through streets
Request a Test-Drive all over the world for some time now. Designed especially for city living, the
Download Brochure Spark mini car slides easily into those tight parking spots that other cars don't
  dare dream about. That's less time looking for parking and more time spent
  exploring. Call it the driving solution for city living.
  Fun is now definitely what you bring to the party with up to 31.2 cubic feet of maximum cargo space or room for three passengers to comfortably come along for the ride. Passengers can say goodbye to the awkward 2-door dance, bending and twisting under the seat belt to get into the back seat. The Spark mini car, with a door for every seat, won't be having that. Spark makes it comfortable for everyone with its convenient accessibility and flexible cargo space in the back. Weekend getaways, crosstown adventures, shopping expeditions — Spark is your all-access pass to the city.
  Affordable doesn't mean boring. Spark may have a starting price lower than a limbo stick after five rounds, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't offer with all the tech and gadgets that make buying a new ride so euphoric. Of course you expect alloy wheels, power windows and air conditioning. And you'll get it, standard on any model.