Chevy  Highlight Features
  Thrill to the pinnacle of performance and comfort of Chevrolet’s
legendary American Pick-up Passenger Vehicle (PPV)
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  Duramax Diesel Chevrolet’s patented and
famed Duramax Diesel engine delivers massive
power and dependable durability.
  HSA (Hill Start Assist) Makes it a great deal
easier and safer to take off on hills and slopes.
When parked on a slope, the HSA automatically
activates to prevent the vehicle from slipping
back before taking off, ensuring greater safety.
  HDC (Hill Descent Control) Ensures that you
cruise down a downward slope with ease and
safety. Turn on the HDC and it will make sure
that the engine and brakes always work
together for optimum control and
maneuverability when going down a descent.
  Safety Optimum peace of mind is ensured
knowing that all occupants are actively and
passively protected by advanced safety
features including a large body structure and a
solid chassis.