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Chevrolet Highlight Features
  A superior driving experience you can feel. The 4-Cylinder Gasoline
Request a Test-Drive engine with a Double CVC variable valve system gives maximum power
Download Brochure of 168 HP (PS) and 229 Newton-Meter of torque at 4,600 rpm. With
  advances in engine technology the ECOTEC engine is compatible with
  E85 gasoline, improved efficiency makes for a more environmentally
  friendly vehicle.  
  Multi-Function Steering Wheel that not only
controls the direction but also the audio
system, air conditioning and cruise control.
  2.4L Double CVC, the latest in Gasoline-engine
technology for superior power and driving
  3 Dimensional Sound Staging, delivers a
superior 3D sound system Whether you’re
listening to the radio, CD player, MP3 or WMA
from the audio-in slot, the latest in 3D micro
processor audio technology from France
delivers the best in state-of0the-art, sound
quality. The system can adjusts the sound for
both driver and passengers.

Uphill Speed Control System Hill Start Assist

(HAS), when driving uphill and stop on slope,
HAS will assist and hold braking system for a
few seconds to prevent vehicle roll back once
driver let off brake pedal
  Electric Parking Brake, a more comfortable
design allows for a safer, more user-friendly.
  Smart Driving Control Panel, designed to
comfort the usage and fit in every aspect.
Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Rear Air
Conditioning System, Hill Descent Control
  Curtain Airbags deliver maximum protection
from every angle together with the monocoque
structure offers a strong vehicle body from
engine room to cabin according to international
safety standards.